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Just Cause You Believe...

Doesn't Make it True!

Have you noticed that believing something doesn't make it so?

As much as the ego would like to believe that believing something has the power to make it true, it just doesn't have that much power. You have believed lots of things that never came to pass, and many things have come to pass that you never believed would happen.

The ego wants so much to be in control so that it can get what it wants, but the purpose of life isn't to please the ego. This egocentric view is, in fact, the cause of so much suffering. The ego wants life its way, but life isn't about giving the ego what it wants, but about pointing us to what brings lasting happiness and fulfillment: love, peace, unity, goodness, compassion, wisdom, service, learning, and growth.

Belief does have some power, howeveR

A positive belief has the power to neutralize a negative one, and negative beliefs can stop us from taking action that would bring us what we want. Positive beliefs don't cause what we want to happen. They allow what we want to be created because we are no longer blocking it by thinking negatively.

Your negative beliefs are powerful if you believe them. But if you don't, they have no power whatsoever. Can an idea affect the world? Only if it is believed (as evident by what's going on in the world today) and only if it is put into action (like racism). The belief itself, which is just an idea, has no power of its own.

We don't have the power to determine what thoughts show up in our mind, but we do have the power to choose to believe them and respond to them or not. However, when negative thoughts have been reinforced repeatedly by believing them, you may not feel like you have much power to ignore them. This is why learning to manage your thoughts is important.

When you first begin to choose to ignore a thought instead of believing it, ignoring it can seem very difficult … almost impossible. But each time you do, it gets easier. Ego gets weaker … and YOU get stronger!

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