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Creative Expressions

Giving Voice To Your Soul

I didn't understand how art and other creative pathways could help with my spiritual development. While paying for my art supplies, the cashier asked if I was an art student. When I replied that it was all for a psychology course, she looked at me weirdly, to which I responded, "Yeah, I agree!" Since that day, I've discovered much. 


Although Spirit encompasses all things and is what we all have in common, our Souls are individual entities. It is you; it is unique and it makes you who you are. It needs cultivation; it needs expression and if you are to become whole, it cannot be ignored. 

While the movement towards Spirit is a journey of ascent, the movement towards soul is just the opposite. The soul is not found in transcendence. The soul's journey is one of descent … one that deepens. It is a journey into the very depths of who you are. Creative expressions allow your soul to be heard. Click on each piece below to see how they relate to me.

Testing The Waters


Embracing My Shadow

Embracing our Shadow_edited_edited.jpg

The Dream

Hiding In Plain Sight

The Dream_edited.jpg

Wings To Soar!

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