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What I Offer...


Nutritional Counseling

Organic Vegetables

If I had to choose between proper nutrition or exercise to maintain my health, I would choose nutrition. Good health is ultimately determined by what you put in your body. But, since all things work in unison, we cannot neglect one for the other. Good health consists of both. Optimum health involves incorporating the spiritual, mental, and environmental components as well.

Personal Training

Fitness Equipment

Exercise and physical activity are great ways to feel better, boost your health and have fun. Even small amounts of physical activity are helpful. Accumulated activity throughout the day adds up to provide enormous health benefits.

Meditation Classes


A regular practice has positive effects on your spirit, mind, and body. Meditation sharpens the intellect, enlightens the mind, and promotes mind-body healing.

Meditation allows you to create a more deliberate life. It transforms you from the inside out, changing your character by making you more aware of your thoughts, words, and deeds.

Transpersonal Coaching

Balancing Rocks

I often get asked the question,"What is transpersonal psychology?" TP is the first psychology that recognizes the need for psychological development to be integrated with spiritual growth. It encompasses the personal as well as the universal dimensions of mind, body, and spirit. Transpersonal psychology is the only psychology that understands and nurtures the wholeness of the individual.

Coming Soon...

New Online Course 



Controlling your Thoughts as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle


The purpose of this course is to illustrate the value of managing your thoughts as a tool for creating your own happiness. It will inform, inspire, and enable you to be more in control of your life. It puts the onus for change into your own hands, whereby true self-empowerment and growth occurs … as nobody can think for you or live your life for you. Change MUST come from within YOU.

New Book



For us to arrive at a more "holistic" picture of who we are, we must leave no stone unturned. We must inquire into every aspect of existence by examining everything, and by taking into account not only what we can see, but also what we cannot see. Spirituality and science are the disciplines humanity have used for decades to explore the truth of our existence. Although the two disciplines differ, they both have the same goal of seeking out the truth of who we are and how we connect to the universe.

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