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Updated: Sep 12, 2021

When I'm feeling less than peaceful, I always examine the causes, then ask myself if the causes are worth the suffering. Most of the time … the answer is "no."

We all have old habits, beliefs, emotions and outdated ways of thinking/being that may require too much energy to keep up. Sometimes we simply outgrow these things, but we may still hold on to them out of habit. By recognizing and surrendering to or letting go of what no longer works for us, we can feel more at peace.

At some point, our only options may become surrender, let go … or suffer. Since I am all about NOT suffering, these are some of the things I've given up:

What I've Surrendered to:

  • The passing of loved ones. People die. All I can do is accept it, grieve…and move on.

  • That everything is subject to change … sometimes in an instant!

  • The truth that I cannot fix anyone but me.

  • The truth that I am not always right … or wrong.

  • The truth that I am not the most spiritual person in the room…nor the most intelligent.

  • That planning is good, but detaching from the outcome is better.

  • Aging … albeit gracefully.

  • Love … especially for myself.

  • The happiness that comes from just BEING!!

What I've Let go of:

  • Whatever is not working for me.

  • Thinking that I have all the answers.

  • Trying to impress others.

  • My ideas about who I should be or what I should be doing.

  • My ideas about who OTHERS should be or what others should be doing.

  • Being uncomfortable with silence.

  • Trying to get others to agree with me or see things my way.

  • Judgments … criticisms.

  • Being a total witch:-)

Overall, I've learned to just stay open to whatever arises ... to view each situation as a vehicle for growth. What are some of the things you may need to give up or surrender to?

Think about it.

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